TG Umwelt Mode

Umwelt Mode
June 13th - 18th 2017

Jacqueline Fraser
Stuart McKenzie
Alex Vivian
Jan Vorisek

Clarastrasse 13, Basel
Opening Tuesday 13th June 6-10pm
Wednesday - Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday by appointment

Next to the fairground, the exhibition is located in the ground floor of a gutted building in the Clarastraße, which was once occupied by a generic clothing store. Proposing that the venue is still haunted by this spirit, the exhibition assembles artists, whose works range from objects to performance. Thereby, the exhibition aims at building a bridge between the constructed fantasy of the fashion industry and the lived vernacular of daily dressing.

The included artists in the group show are presented by the galleries, multidisciplinary art spaces and cultural projects  The Community (Paris), MAVRA (Berlin), TG (Nottingham), and UNSERE UMWELT (Basel). The community presents Brendan Fowler, Hanne Jurmu, Aamu Salo, Susan Cianciolo and Kiva Motnyk (Thompson Street Studio, Run Home Collection). MAVRA shows pcnc_bay and collaborators. TG brings projects by Jacqueline Fraser, Stuart McKenzie, Alex Vivian and Jan Vorisek. And UNSERE UMWELT invites Lane Cormick, Adriano Costa, Ruby Jeppe, Thomas Jeppe, Joanne Robertson and Dana Munro to present their works.

The exhibition follows on Thomas Jeppe’s UNSERE UMWELT underground gallery as part of Benedikt Wyss’ teardown residency HAUS#99.

Image: Stuart McKenzie, Untitled, 2017, Collage on paper, 21 x 14.8 cm.